How to dress for 50 degree weather?

50 degrees weather

Has it ever occurred to you that you get up, ready to start your day, and then look at the weather and ask yourself “How am I supposed to get dressed?”. Yeah, that has happened to every one of us at some point, especially when the temperature is in the 50 degrees weather.
The problem here is that you want to dress stylishly while being warm but not too warm. Despite the area, you live in, the dilemma surrounding staying warm but not too warm while keeping it trendy is always there.
One more thing that you have to think about is your tolerance of the cold weather. If you get cold easily then you should go for a cardigan or a thicker jacket rather than a vest or a mere shawl. The task of getting dressed seems daunting.
Moreover, the 50 degrees weather is the trickiest because it can turn from warm to cold and breezy or the other way around quickly. This unpredictability makes it harder to dress but do not worry we are here to help. So, let’s dig into the must-haves of 50 degrees weather.

Long sleeve shirt is a good start of 5o degrees weather

As much as you probably would like to flaunt your light and breezy crop tops and t-shirts, it is better to keep them for a little warmer weather. When the temperature is around 50 degrees, warm clothes, and long sleeves shirts are what should be on your racks. Splurging on long sleeve shirts will not go to waste. These shirts are going to keep you warm while giving you the look that you want.

Use all those vests

Well, we know everyone thinks “vests are useless” or “vests aren’t enough to keep you warm” and stuff like that. However, that’s not the case and they help you stay warmer without feeling too hot while in a confined area or space. They are so versatile and come in different materials, sizes, patterns, and colors. They can act as windbreakers while helping you style your attire uniquely and attractively at the same time. If you don’t like the idea you can just buy one for starters and experiment with different outfits. We assure you soon they will be a part of your every other look.

Take it a level up with scarves in 5o degrees weather

Before ruling them out as outdated fashion accessories wait a bit. Give scarves a chance and try them out. The best way to look trendy is to layer your clothes and that is where scarves come through. The right scarf will help you get that diva look that you want and will also keep you warm. Pashmina scarves can be worn either like a wrap or shawl even for that classy and graceful look while the silk square scarves are back in fashion too. So do not underestimate these boujee little things while dressing up.

Plaid coats are the game changer

If there is one single piece of clothing that screams classy that is a plaid coat. The best thing about them is that they are never out of fashion so do not think twice before investing in a good plaid coat. They go with every outfit and not to mention they will keep you warm all day long.

Go for Faux-fur layers for that show stopper look

If you want to step up your fashion game while staying warm then Faux-fur coats and layers are your best bet. They are great for 50-degrees weather when it’s not too cold. If you wanna go for a cool and trendy look then oversized coats and jackets are for you while faux-fur vests would be a great choice for a preppy and classic style.

Foolproof over-the-knee-boots never fail

Over-the-knee boots have always been a part of fall fashion. Whether you want to upgrade a casual outfit or a casual business outfit these boots will never fail to give you that chic and expensive look.

Fedora hats are a longtime investment

These hats are never out of style and they are perfect for that semi-cold weather. If the way they look isn’t enough to convince you then let us tell you they are great for bad hair days and they add glamour to any look. Pair them with some good sunglasses and you will effortlessly be rocking that sophisticated yet mysterious look.

Stay trendy and warm in the pre-winter season

The best way to dress in 5o degrees weather is by layering your outfit. We hope these tips will help you stay trendy and spice up your fall wardrobe.

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